Marisa Kelly is a multidisciplinary artist formerly based in London, UK and currently based in Toronto, ON. Her practice plays with fluxus ideologies. 
Popping up on city corners, she composes poems for strangers on the spot with her typewriter, seeking to find intimacy within innocuous or uncomfortable moments. 
She recently launched her project Text-a-Poem. Using inspiration from performance artist John Giorno's Dial-a-Poem project. Folks can use their device to text 647.931.3372 and receive a poem at any moment through a text message. Click here for more information.
She has words in Broken Pencil, Peripheral Review and Carousel Magazine. She's done archival and exhibition work with teams at the Royal Ontario Museum, FENTSTER Gallery, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. 
When she is not performing poetry, she works as an assistant for the Interim Head of Public Engagement at the Koffler Centre of the Arts. She holds her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual and Critical Studies from the Ontario College of Art and Design University

Photo taken by Max Lorenz