Marisa Kelly is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her practice is guided by her pursuit of connecting with both people and the space around her. She describes herself as a collector of moments, and her artistry shape shifts as she seeks out such moments.
Her poetry is guided by her pursuit of connection and story telling. She sets up her typewriter on street corners to write poems on-the-spot for passersby, often inspired by Oulipo constraints and Fluxus ideologies. Her project "text-a-poem" pulled inspiration from John Giorno's Dial-a-Poem, and was designed to engage community by putting poetry in people’s pockets, one text away. 
Her photography seeks to find intimacy within innocuous moments. It is guided by her intuition, pursuit of connecting with space around her, and her grandparents immigration stories.
Marisa holds an Honours BA in Visual & Critical Studies from OCAD University. Her expertise includes art history, new media histories, curating, and archive management. Her written thesis, "Karnöffel: A Pocket-Sized Carnival" used collections of 15th century playing cards and academic writings to prove how Karnöffel cards share a connection with Mikhail Bakhtin’s Carnivalesque.
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